26Sep, 15

The 4th person in line for iPhone 6S is… an iPad?

Soon enough, the thought of camping out for an iPhone may be just a memory thanks to a recent telepresence robot playing the role of hopeful iPhone 6S.. Read More…

17Sep, 15

10 Apps Designed to Help You Multitask Without Losing Focus

We’ve all been there—on deadline, cutting it too close with a work-related assignment, when a college roommate posts nauseating .. Read More…

09Sep, 15

RocketSkates by ACTON

09Sep, 15

Live stream Apple’s Iphone Event

September 9th is here which means the Apple Event is here. Tune in live on as the tech giant announces plans for its new iPhone, as well as the Apple TV revamp and more. Streaming will work on any iOS device with Safari, but unfortunately for desktop users the stream is only accessible through Safari. If you have an Apple TV, the event can be streamed directly and if you’re a Windows user, then you’ll have to wait for the replay before you can tune in.

18Aug, 15

Google unveils easy-to-use OnHub Wi-Fi router

OnHub can be pre-ordered now for $200 and will be available at retail locations across the United States and Canada in the coming weeks.

11Aug, 15

Apple to debut new Apple TV, iPhones & iPad September 9

23053-ca280cea_945_556 Although not official yet BuzzFeed got word from a source familiar with Apple’s plans that a fall event is underway. The event will mark the debut of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus as well as the new Apple TV debut. According to John Paczkowski of Buzzfeed, Apple will also likely showcase its new iPad. Pre-orders for the new devices continue reading..

04Aug, 15

Super Gorone Desk

383841453903715475_7c8e56022da3 (1)This is life! The Super Gorone Desk invented in Japan makes life with your computer so much easier. Want to lie down on your sofa? Sit on floor with your computer right in front of you?Here’s a your solution, a portable mini desk for you.

30Jul, 15

Lexus introduces insane new Hoverboard

Screen-Shot-2015-06-24-at-15.21.28 Lexus has just released some crazy footage of it’s new Hoverboard and on August 5th they will officially unveil it with its full details. LET THAT SINK IN: LEXUS WILL BE REVEALING ITS HOVERBOARD THE FIRST WEEK OF AUGUST, crazy! Welcome to the future. Unfortunately, it’s not known when it’s going to be released to the public yet or if it’ll be released at all but its pretty cool to know there might be a possibility.

UPDATED 08/06: UGH! It was too good to be true. Although the Lexus hoverboard is a real thing unfortunately it seems they still got somethings to work on therefore no future release…………. YET! #ONEDAY

14Jul, 15

GoPro HERO4 Smaller and more powerful!

CHDHX-401_main2GoPro is back to change the game with their smallest and lightest camera to date. The HERO4 Session captures a high resolution 1440p30 and 1080p30 video, features a SuperView option and is waterproof! check it out here.

09Jul, 15

Lomo’Instant Havana Edition

While this cute little bright aquamarine camera might not be waterproof, it’s guarantee to give you awesome instant summer memories. The hot package includes 3 lenses (Fisheye, Portrait and Close us) and the Lomo’Instant Splitzer to slice and dice your snapshots leaving you set for a super easy and creative photo adventure. Get your own here