Golden Homer Print by Antoni Tudisco



Pretty cool piece for any Homer Simpson fans. This Golden Homer Print by Antoni Tudisco would give any of your rooms in the house a cool and classy look with this piece here. None of that bright yellow Homer color. This piece is available HERE

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Pole Dancers Dancing In Slow Motion

Im sure we all go to the stripclub and be like wow she knows how to dance and do tricks on the pole. Check out this amazing art piece as a pole dancer show off some of her tricks in slow motion, its nothing like we’ve seen in the clubs.…

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Nothing I Wrong If It Feels Good


Nothing Is Wrong If It Feels Good Print by artist Baron Von Fancy. Limited Edition of 100. Print measures 16 x 20 inches One-color silkscreen on 100% cotton archival paper. Authenticity: Signed by Baron Von Fancy, Numbered and Embossed. Exclusive to PCP, validated by a Certificate of Authenticity. Each PCP edition is crafted in the USA by master screen printers.…

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Vibes Melt Down 2043 Incense Burner by Cody Hudson


Take a look at the Vibes Melt Down 2043  sculpture that can be used as an incense burner no more of that boring wood piece on your desk. The piece comes in a wood box with a signed and numbered certificate by the artist and 3 cones of Nag Champa incense.…

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This Saturday June 20th  will be the grand opening of RATEDART MIAMI sponsored by Hennessy VS with special Dj’s a few Artists i won’t say no names, and a variety of clothing brands who will be showcasing their clothes, this event will be documented via photographs and videos.…

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2014 Iphone Photography Award

2014-iphone-photography-awards-09 2014-iphone-photography-awards-08 2014-iphone-photography-awards-07 2014-iphone-photography-awards-06 2014-iphone-photography-awards-05 2014-iphone-photography-awards-04 2014-iphone-photography-awards-03 2014-iphone-photography-awards-01 2014-iphone-photography-awards-02


In todays world you don’t really need a high quality camera to capture a moment for life we all use our cell phones for pictures on a daily basis ever and over the years people have made it their thing to be an “iPhone Photographer” today iPhone photographers are actually getting rewarded for their work around the world. (IPPAWARDS) is the first running iPhone photography competition since 2007, IPPAWARDS  selected the best shots among thousands of images submitted by iPhone photographers from over 70 countries around the world.…

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The Bruce Lee of Bartending – World’s Greatest Flair Bartender

After watching this video if i were to be a bartender i would challenge myself to be this talented and great at what i do but I DONT BARTEND, anyways peep this video as this young man go in on many tricks with these bottles and I’m not talking about two bottle tricks or three bottles or just blowing fire flame out of his mouth that tricks is old now but i feel like I’m saying toooo much right now just watch the video for yourself and hope the next tie you go out for a drink your bartender can entertain you the same way this guy will in this 3 minute video.…

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$ 28 Million Dollar Popeye Statue



Sometimes the most smallest and outrageous piece of art can be worth the most money and break bank for a lot of us.  Jeff Koons created this Popeye statue which was one of the three he created.This Popeye piece will be installed by Steve Wynn – the buyer of the piece plans one installing at one of his casinos at Las Vegas.…

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Man Spends Over 10 Years Turning an Hedge into a Dragon

dragon-hedge-4 dragon-hedge-3 dragon-hedge-2 dragon-hedge-1


Peep this cool work of art by John Brooker who has spent over a decade sculpting this hedge into a dragon not sure what inspired him to do such but he was dedicated to do it and it sure came out cool.…

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