Kanye West’s “All Day/I Feel Like That” video to premiere at LA County Museum of Art

Kanye West, Steve McQueen
First premiering at Paris Fashion week, the “All day/ I Feel Like That” video collabo between Kanye West and Steve McQueen will make it’s American debut Saturday, July 25. According to the New York Times, the video filmed in southeast England was shot in a single nine minute take and will be playing non-stop for four days, during normal museum hours, at the Los Angeles Museum of Art.…

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HashTag Light


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Art Basel 2015 Switzerland

SHFT has had a strong presence at Art Basel Miami for the past few years, check’em out at this years Art Basel Switzerland. Enjoy!


Artist featured in order: Pascale Martine Tayou ‘Plastic tree’, Hiroshi Shinno, Olafur Eliason ‘Your solar nebula, Tobias Rehberger, Ai Weiwei ‘Stacked’ , Marlie Mul, Maha Malluh Almullaqat, Julius von Bismarck ‘Egocentric System’, Jose Leon Cerrillo.

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DerickG Presents Product Placement ArtBasel Edition 2014



This body of work focuses on the concept that sex sells through product placement.

Derick G captures sexual innuendo messages within his photographs, creatively taking your mind onto something else.

Inspired by sexual appealing imagery infused with the world’s best known brands and cultural influences, cleverly creating a shock value to a target audience.…

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Falling Books Bookend By Art Ori



Stop those books from falling over with Art Ori Design’s funky bookend. The heavy books appear to almost crush the handsome little man, but don’t worry – the sturdy bookend will keep your books tidy and upright. Pick this up for your office today.…

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