22Oct, 15

Marty McFly and Doc Brown time-travel to ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on #BacktotheFutureDay

October 21, 2015 is the date to which Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled in “Back to the Future II.” The duo made a grand entrance, landing in a Delorean on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE.

Michael J. Fox even showed off the self-tying shoes that Nike sent him.

We may have not figured out the flying car quite yet but we’ve made it to 2015 and we officially have the first self lacing shoe. Jimmy Kimmel also unveiled a Marty McFly action figure, peep it below:

29Sep, 15

‘Ronaldo’ Official Trailer

Cristiano Ronaldo’s life is being taken to the big screen. Filmed over the span of 14 months, the movie gives an all access look inside Ronaldo’s world and what it means to be the famous soccer player, role model and father. Ronaldo hits theaters worldwide on November 9.

27Sep, 15

Marvel releases a New Trailer For Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones premiers November 20th on Netflix

21Sep, 15

Sabado Gigante comes to an end after 53 years!


If you grew up in a spanish speaking home like mine, your Saturday nights consisted of everyone gathering in the living room to enjoy some family time and watching Sabado Gigante. After 53 years, the show I thought I would someday get to share with my kids has come to an end.…

17Sep, 15

Vic Mensa’s “Down To Start A Riot” Doc Trailer

Peep the trailer for Vic Mensa’s Down to Start a Riot doc film due out September 17.

17Sep, 15

HTGAW returns to ABC September 24 #TGIT
Catch the season 2 premier of How To Get Away With Murder Thursday, September 24th on ABC at 10|9c.

16Sep, 15

Disney’s “Jungle Book” trailer will give you chills

The Jungle Book and its 3D version is set to hit theaters in April 2016.

16Sep, 15

Camera Lens Mug

cameralens mug
Start your morning picture perfect with this Camera Lens Mug.

15Sep, 15

American Ninja Warrior crown its first winner ever

After 7 Seasons of American Ninja Warrior having no winner, Isaac Caldiero sure made it look easy taking the crown home last night and making history. The busboy from Colorado beat out his competition by three seconds in a tie-breaking rope climb, earning him $1 million USD. CONGRATS ISAAC!

15Sep, 15

‘Hardcore’ trailer

The Toronto International Film Festival is in full effect and with it come some previews. ‘Hardcore’ is a 90-minute film entirely shot from the first-person perspective and it looks intense. No word yet if the film will hit theaters in the United States.