03Sep, 15

The Weeknd stars in a two-part Apple Music ad

The Weeknd is back! This time starring in a two-part Apple Music ad. The ad which aired during the VMA’s gives us an off stage look at the Weeknd.

26Aug, 15

The world’s first Hydrogen Powered battery could have your phone charged up to 7 days!

BRUHHHH! Kudos to Intelligent Energy, thanks to them now you iPhone could keep charge for a week! A WHOLE WEEK! Imagine the things you could do. No more untangling, losing your charger, or worrying about your phone dying. Said to be working closely with Apple, Intelligent Energy executive are currently considering the price stamp on the Hydrogen Powered battery. WARNING: Seems iPhone 4 users may be out of lock since the Hydrogen Powered battery seems to be leaning more towards the iPhone 6.

24Aug, 15

Apple will replace your iPhone 6 camera for FREE if it takes fuzzy pics

Apple has released a statement saying 6 pluses sold between September 2014 and January 2015 have a “defective component” on the camera which cause fuzzy pictures. If you think your iPhone is part of the bunch with a faulty iSight camera, entering your serial number on Apple.com to see if your phone is eligible.

09Jul, 15

White House lifts photo ban after 40 years

Selfies are officially allowed in the White House! The decision was announced by Michelle Obama’s multiple social media accounts in which she tears a White House sign banning photo or social media in half. Not too fast though, all photography equipment is still banned meaning the use of tablets, video cameras, cameras with interchangeable lenses, tripod, monopods and selfie sticks.

09Jul, 15

Lomo’Instant Havana Edition

While this cute little bright aquamarine camera might not be waterproof, it’s guarantee to give you awesome instant summer memories. The hot package includes 3 lenses (Fisheye, Portrait and Close us) and the Lomo’Instant Splitzer to slice and dice your snapshots leaving you set for a super easy and creative photo adventure. Get your own here

13Jan, 14

Polaroid C3 Cube Camera

polaroid_c31_1020_verge_super_wide polaroid_c33_1020_verge_super_wide




06Jan, 14

USB 3.0 10 Ports HUB with 12V4A Power Adapter



For most of us that sit behind a desk go thru the struggle of not having enough USB ports in our computers. Here is a 10 USB port Aitech SuperSpeed USB 3.0 supports transfer rates up to 5 Gbps Backward compatible with USB 2.0/1.1. Supports hot swapping. No install driver needed. LED indicators display the status of DC power supply and USB connections with built-in surge protector(with power switch to control the hub). Not meant for charging iPads or devices requiring more than USB 3.0’s standard 900mAh. These are starting at $ 99.00


30Dec, 13

Bolex D16 Cinema Camera

Bolex introduces their D16 Cinema camera with the classic look from the old days but with some of todays technology, the D16 will give you the opportunity to test out your auteur capabilities. Designed to fit comfortably in your hand and providing footage with an organic look, the camera films in 12-bit CinemaDNG raw format which, essentially, means that you can film movie quality footage you can pick up one of these sometime next year for about 3,000


30Dec, 13

LG 105 Inch Ultra HD TV




When people say they want a big screen TV they really mean something like 32,40,50 Inch well it seems like LG is changing the meaning to a BIG screen TV with they 105 Inch TV. LG has Debuted their 105 Inch UltraHDTV at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas this TV features a 5120 x 2160 resolution, 21:9 aspect ratio, and Thin Film Transistor pixel circuit technology to keep the color from leaking. …

13Dec, 13

Meek Mill X Monster 24K Headphones




MMG Rapper Meek Mill linked up with headphone brand Monster for a special collaboration on these 24K headphones coated in an all gold color way  with a Dj style swiveling padded ear cups with plush cushions and in-line audio controls these will be available December 15th for $ 280.00 VIA