SNL H&M Skit Ft. MMG’s Rapper Wale

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Everything Is A Remix Inspirations Behind The Things We Use Today

With all this new technology thats out today and makes life a little bit more simple for us to use and do things we all over look on how things worked in the past and where most of the inspirations came from for the things we use today “Everything Is A Remix” nothing is original now days most of what we see is a remake of something check out video as they give u and show u details on what inspired some of the devices we use today.…

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“It Aint Ralph Tho” Tshirt

it_aint_ralph_tho_ks blk_it_aint_ralph_tho_ks

With Kanye’s recent interview with Sway in the morning a new line of Tshirts have been inspired by the random angry rant from Ye, Sway was inspired by some of the words from the interview and decided to drop a “I Got The Answers” Tee and today we have “It Aint Ralph Tho” Tshirts


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