Naked Women Flower Buds In Sri Lanka

It is called the Narilatha flower, which when translated in Hindi means “flower in the shape of a lady.” It is also called the Liyathabara Mala in local Sri Lankan dialect. The tree is also said to be found in Thailand where it is allegedly called “Nareepol.”
The Narilatha flowering plant is said to grow in the hilly slopes of Himalayas in India and is understood to bloom once in two decades only; in other words it blossoms into a lady like flower after a 20-year interval. It is believed that in times of yore the concentration of hermits and sages doing deep meditation would be shattered at the sight of these lady-shaped flowers.
The Narilatha or Liyathambara flowers said to be in the shape of a women are considered one of the most wonderful and rarest of flowers in the world.


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  1. Sanjit says:

    what is it’s genes and specie ?

  2. Sonali says:

    never seen or heard this and i am a lankan… shame on me???o.O

  3. This is incredible! Which season does it bloom in? Would love to take a look at it!

  4. taimoor says:

    this is clearly fake
    picture are from 3 different angles having same blur and lighting
    repeating again and again in these two pictures
    its not worth enough to comment although

  5. Jishnu says:

    It’s just amazing. The nature has so many wonders to show!

  6. M Pandey says:

    Its Really only an imagination.

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